Sawmill visit

Last week we went to visit one of our suppliers, PA Savværk a one hour drive from Kolding where we reside. We have a profound wish to know as much as possible about the processes required to make our products, and to meet the people behind the scenes. We would also like to share the story of our products with you. So this is where it starts. From log to table.

Today they are cutting the beech for our massive square stools Chukka, Gala, Ruut and Pillipilli. FSC labeled wood grown in a forest 15 km from where we live – this is about as local as it gets.

The first step in preparing the wood is to clean it so that it is free from earth and pebbles before entering the saw. Since this particular log was too big for the machine the thicker end had to be cut to size before the next step.

A lot of the heavy work is automized here but the final measurement is made by hand – and eye. We now have a very heavy piece of timber ready to be cut into pieces  of 50 cm. After some careful measurements it is cut by hand and it will now have to dry for 3-4 weeks before leaving for the next step.

This must be one of our favourite industries – the raw material is beautiful, the smell of freshly cut wood that surround you is amazing and even the piles of waste look good.