Accessories & Interiors. 

We design and create furniture, accessories and interiors. Noorstad was founded in the late winter of 2016 by Steen Skyum Høgfeldt. The project has been on its way for several years founded on a longlasting love for design.

Going from 20 years as self employed consultant to starting a furniture brand has been quite a leap and a challenge in many ways. It means giving up steady income and having to learn things from scratch but for so many reasons it seemed like the perfectly natural next step.

Noorstad is for those who choose a few good things made to last over volume and throw-away mentality. For a very long time the project had the working title ”people like us” since we basically wanted to make and share the things we like for ourselves. Every item is designed by us and made in Denmark from local materials when possible.

Situated in Kolding, we are far away from the design scene in Copenhagen, but with close relations to our suppliers.

Thank You
Being a small start up truly teaches you to be a multipotentialite! If you are lucky it can also teach you about all the skill and helpfulness that is to be found in your network. Noorstad has met so much encouragement, contributions and good advice from both close friends and people we only just met helping the project along its way. The road would have felt so much longer without it.

As customer
Say hello or contact us in any way you like. At Noorstad we value the ongoing dialog with customers, clients and partners.