We design and create furniture, accessories and interiors. Noorstad was founded in the late winter of 2016 by Steen Skyum Høgfeldt. The project has been on its way for several years founded on a longlasting love for design.

We aim for an expression of quiet understated luxury based on our understanding of home as a place of calm and clarity.The collection is an expression of our personal aesthetics and tastes. We strive for simple discreet beauty as well as a convergence of tactile comfort, essence of function and pared down shapes.

We have a deep wish for Noorstad´s furniture to show that local production is very much an option. Even in todays world. We are committed to using local resources, and as a consequence we have chosen to work with local materials whenever possible.

Noorstad is for those who choose a few good things made to last over volume and throw-away mentality. For a very long time the project had the working title ”people like us” since we basically wanted to make and share the things we like for ourselves.

Noorstad is slow design meant for mindfull living.

It is made with care, and is meant to last.

Every item is designed by us.

Skyum Hoegfeldt.