Urbani, THM


Urbani THM
Massive Douglas pine. Silk-like surface, perfectly rounded.

It is our choice to work only with Danish wood such as douglas, oak and beech. They all have different characters and call for different shapes and treatments. We find that douglas is perfect for soft, round shapes that display the very distinct growth rings in the wood beautifully. Depending on the shape and the single piece of timber, every item will have a unique appearance and pattern.

We use the solid items primarily as small tables as we like the flexibility and the airy feeling of smaller tables used in combination with each other. That is also why you will not find any coffee tables in the Noorstad collection.


Urbani comes in THM and douglas. THM meaning thermally modified. Simply put, you take a solid piece of timber, place it in a gigantic oven in a forest and bake it for 4 days.

First of all it then gets a very beautiful brown tone. Secondly you get thermally treated wood. It is an ancient technique and was even used by the Vikings who repeatedly scorched wet timber in fire and thereby made it resistant to rot and disease.


Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 43 cm