Loutro Low, 3-seater


Loutro Low
This low and slender sofa was made for a nap on a lazy Sunday.

We wanted the design to be informal and to make it big enough for the whole family to snuggle up. The backrest also functions as a perfect armrest.
In fact we would love for you to turn and face each other instead of facing the TV.

Loutro got its name from a small bay in Crete that we used to visit years ago.
At the time it was rather secluded and you could only get there by boat or on foot. There was nothing there except a few very small hotels, a couple of tavernas, a lot of goats in the hills and a beautiful sea view.

In short – the perfect place to unwind.

Loutro Low is also available as chaiselong and daybed.

Strand from Deploeg. Colour: Earth.

Raw aluminum feet. Wood construction. Cold foam.

Cleaning instructions:
In case of stains Deploeg recommends using only water and a towel. Soak the towel in lukewarm water and squeeze out any excess water.
Spread the towel over the stain and leave until it is dry. The stain will then be largely absorbed into the towel.

Visit deploeg.com for further information on cleaning textiles.

Dimensions 266 × 96 × 58 cm