Noorstad featured in BO BEDRE

Feature: BO BEDRE

Last December Photographer Tia Borgsmidt and Stylist Mette Helena Rasmussen paid us a private visit which resulted in a beautiful feature in this months´ Bo Bedre, a leading Danish interior magazine.

They had been teasing us for years, asking when we would be ready to show them our home and let them make a feature. This winter we decided that the time was now, so when Mette Helena wrote and asked if they could come by, we said yes.

We knew their work from earlier, so we were very confident about the result, but seeing the pictures made us smile. We are pleased with the light and compositions and happy to share the result.

Thank you Bo Bedre for publishing.

See the full article from Bo Bedre and see all the beautiful images

PS: You may wonder why we have a 20 year old sofa instead of our own designs. At the time the pictures were taken both sofas were unfortunately still at the workshop.



Photographer Tia Borgsmidt

Stylist Mette Helena